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Stephen Drew's inside-the-park home run took Dusty Baker on a roller coaster of emotion

Q: What had Dusty Baker going from "Oh no!" to "Oh yeah!" in the ninth inning of the Nationals' 5-1 win over the Phillies on Tuesday?



That's Stephen Drew taking advantage of some chaos on the diamond in his only at-bat of the game. Pinch-hitting for the pitcher in the top of the ninth, Drew followed Danny Espinosa's insurance-run homer with one of his own, of the inside-the-park variety. All it took was some slippery-baseball hijinks.

Drew's hit knocked off the scoreboard, eluding two Phillies outfielders. A courageous move by third-base coach Bob Henley waved Drew on, and as he rounded toward home, Tyler Goeddel's throw sailed past the cutoff man and he slid into home, safe. Everything had to go just right, and it did.

Drew told's Jamal Collier after the game: 

"It kind of happened fast. I saw the ball kick back, so I knew I could get to third. But halfway to third, I could still see him waving, and I was like, 'Man, I gotta kick it into gear here.'"

Meanwhile, Baker was all of us watching at home: 

"I was watching Bobby Henley. Then I was watching Stephen. I was like, 'oh no!' Then I was like, 'oh yeah!,' when they missed the cutoff man. That was big. I could see that he missed him, and I knew it was, indeed, an inside the park [home run]."

The roller coaster of emotions that is an inside-the-park home run, accurately summarized.