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Steve Pearce conquered the Tropicana Field catwalk and caught a ricocheting popup

When Yonder Alonso hit a ball into the Tropicana Field catwalk during Sunday's A's-Rays game, Tampa Bay second baseman Steve Pearce didn't jump fruitlessly or cower in mock fear. He stared the catwalk in the eye and decided he would not be made a fool.

The ball was hit into the outfield, but it clanked off the catwalk and ricocheted back into the infield -- and so Pearce simply did what he would do on any fly ball: He caught it for the out.


According to the ground rules, any ball that hits the B-right section of the catwalk in fair territory and is then caught by a fielder is an out. Which means Pearce did the unthinkable: Despite the architectural feature's best efforts, he conquered the Tropicana Field catwalk.

Logan Morrison was so surprised he couldn't even catch Pearce's toss to first base. And even though the A's won the game, 7-6, Pearce's victory is the kind that will be remembered for all posterity -- in fact, bards are very likely already crafting their odes.