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Let these weird Spring Training workout photos inspire you to stick to your New Year's resolution

New Year's resolutions are hard. Basking in the glow of a brand new beginning, we tell ourselves we'll lose that weight or make that regular call to mom, but every year, we realize just how long 365 days can be. Which is why, less than two weeks after Jan. 1, we celebrate National Stick to Your New Year's Resolution Day.

And to do our part, we've collected some of the greatest and weirdest photos of baseball players of yore working out at Spring Training. Because if Willie Mays can lift Willie McCovey with his legs ...


... you truly can do anything. Start by just going for a jog:


For guidance, you can always follow Stan Musial's 60-Minute Guide to the Martial Arts:


Or grab a partner for moral support: 


Or, uh, partners:


Just don't let things devolve into rough-housing -- just ask Pee Wee Reese:


And should the temperature ever get a little too hot ...


Follow the Dodgers' lead and cool off in the world's shortest slip 'n' slide: 


Workout monotony got you down? Incorporate some interpretive infield dance to liven up your routine:


Now that you've been properly inspired, go stick to that resolution! You can do it! The Cubs' infield believes in you!