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All of the weirdness that happened during the Pirates' 12-10, 13-inning win over the D-backs

Don't get us wrong, baseball is always fun. The pitching, the home runs (that sometimes completely leave the stadium), Andrelton Simmons ...

But #weirdbaseball might be the best kind of baseball, and the Pirates-D-backs 13-inning marathon definitely slipped down that beautiful, twisted wormhole on Sunday afternoon. Right, Francisco Cervelli?

Right. Here's some of what you may have missed:

- There were 35 total hits, 22 runs, 15 pitchers used, seven lead changes and zero position players left by the end of the five-hour and 25-minute affair.

- Paul Goldschmidt hit two home runs into nearly the exact same place ... where the exact same fan reeled both of them in:

- Andrew McCutchen struck out swinging four times for the just second time in his career -- the only other instance coming back in 2012. 

- After a Nick Ahmed ejection and with no more position players left to pinch-hit for Tyler Clippard in the bottom of the 12th, the D-backs sent up very capable hitter/pitcher Zack Greinke. Of course, he delivered an infield single.

- Starter Shelby Miller was then subbed in to pinch-run for Greinke because, I don't know, maybe the D-backs are just as obssesed with #weirdbaseball as we are? Miller stayed in the game (to play left field!) the following inning. He snagged Josh Harrison's double off the wall like a pro:

And cleanly fielded an RBI single by Pirates pinch-hitting pitcher Jon Niese. Yes, pinch-hitter Jon Niese hit an RBI single to left fielder Shelby Miller to make the score 12-10:

- Pittsburgh's Arquimedes Caminero tallied his first career save to end the game -- striking out fellow pitchers Miller and Patrick Corbin in the process:

Oh, and don't even get us started on the 16-inning, nearly six-hour-long Twins-Nationals game ...