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Episode 27 of the Cut4Cast: Coco Crisp and the rest of MLB's All-Name Team

Cut4Cast, Episode 27: MLB's All-Name Team

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On Sunday, the Orioles broadcast team discovered how much fun it is to say "Trevor Plouffe." On this week's Cut4Cast -- in answer to a question from podcast listener Tyler -- Michael Clair, Dakota Gardner and Gemma Kaneko tried to figure out which baseball names they like the most: 

They also answered a few more questions from Twitter and tried to definitively decide who has the best facial hair in MLB. Here's a guide to the episode: 

3:30 -- Cut4 Pop Quiz: Match the Minor League team to their Major League affiliate.

8:50 -- Who has the best facial hair in MLB?

16:35 -- Who would be on your starting roster for an All-Name Team?

25:46 -- We answer your Twitter questions! 

When you listen, you'll find out what these things might mean: 

Michael: "His pre-start routine is like, take a nap, listen to music, spend three hours perfectly composing the beard to intimidate batters."

Dakota: "Think about the luminaries of our time. Really in the past century, you've had Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, people like that … I would add Tim Lincecum into that conversation."

Gemma: "I like that he goes by Lucas and not Luke, because it sounds like his mom is always calling him."