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Episode 28 of the Cut4Cast: What is your unpopular baseball opinion?

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Perhaps you think baseball just looks better on turf. Perhaps you don't particularly care for walk-up music. Perhaps you love when a visiting pitcher throws over to first a whole bunch.

We've all got 'em -- unpopular opinions about the game we love. Cut4's Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Ben Cosman shared theirs on this week's episode of the Cut4Cast, and some of those opinions just might be really unpopular. Thankfully, we've linked their Twitter handles here, so you can tell them just how much you disagree with them.

The team discussed a few other topics as well, and we've attached a helpful listening guide so you can find the topic you're most interested in:

4:17 -- What would be on your own postgame interview onesie?

7:36 -- What is your unpopular baseball opinion?

26:04 -- Which non-patriotic song should your (or any) team sing before the game?

35:45 -- Which piece of baseball equipment is the least essential?

And, if you listen to the whole episode, you'll get to learn why we said these things:

Dakota: "A celebration of rockets. On my pajamas."

Gemma: "I'm still me even though very few of the surface skin cells that I had when I was seven are still what I have now. So, for me, team loyalty is like that." 

Ben: "What about bologna? Bologna is just a hot dog sliced up really thinly."

As always, tweet us @Cut4 with the hashtag #Cut4Cast with your ideas for topics or your 140-character summaries of the podcast.