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Episode 30 of the Cut4Cast: MLB Bacon Daze

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It has long been established that bacon is not merely a food, but a way of life. And, the intersection of baseball and bacon -- two of America's most iconic fixtures -- is something worth celebrating and remembering.

With that in mind, the staff of the Cut4Cast discussed their favorite bacon-related MLB moments, food items and general memories on this week's episode. Controversially, Gemma Kaneko suggested that we have, as a society, possibly taken bacon too far.

Kaneko, Dakota Gardner and Chris Landers also talked about baseball in other countries and, of course, Mike Trout's magical shoes.

Here's a helpful listening guide so you can find the topic you're most interested in:

7:18 -- If you had to move to another country, but still wanted to watch baseball in person, where would you go?

16:30 -- If you could take an object from one MLB player, having it bestow their talent upon you, who and what would you take?

26:02 -- What is your favorite bacon-related moment or food in MLB history?

And, if you listen to the whole episode, you'll get to learn why we said these things:

Dakota: "So, clearly you're not allowed back in the U.S. for tax evasion reasons." 

Gemma: "It's not like 'surprise, we packed half of these baseballs with terrifying wasp nests'. It's not like that."

Chris: "You don't like bacon as a cultural hegemony?"