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Super Bowl countdown: Derek Jeter and Russell Wilson have a pleasant chat

Derek Jeter and Russell Wilson have a pleasant chat

As we approach Super Bowl XLIX, we remember the moments when a few members of the Patriots and Seahawks osmosed through the cross-sports membrane and found themselves in the world of MLB. Today: That time Derek Jeter and Russell Wilson chatted before a Yankees-Mariners game.

Derek Jeter: Five-time World Series champion.

Russell Wilson: Super Bowl XLVIII champion, Super Bowl XLIX contender.

What happens when two such winners meet face-to-face and partake in conversation with each other? What do they talk about? Well, we don't actually know what Jeter and Wilson discussed on June 11 ahead of the Yankees-Mariners matchup at Safeco Field. But we can imagine:

Jeter: So, how do you like the weather in Seattle?

Wilson: I really like it. It lets me work on my sweater game.

Jeter: You do have dope sweaters.

Wilson: Thanks, man. That means a lot coming from you.

That is a truly winning conversation.

Further proof of winning: Jeter and the Yankees won the game, 4-2. 

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