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Superfan two-thirds of way through impeccable journey

Brewers superfan Ben Rouse is attempting to see every game the team plays this season to build awareness for the National Bone Marrow Registry.

“It’s a way to give back, if you will, because I was saved by two families that decided to donate their umbilical cords after their child was born, and I might as well try to get more people into the registry, so patients down the road will maybe be able to have the same results as I have,” said Rouse, who is 111 games into his venture after Friday’s contest in Houston.

Rouse has had many adventures during his travels, but there’s one that stands out in his mind.

“In San Diego, I met Joe Braun, Ryan Braun’s dad, in the game that [Ryan] hit three home runs,” Rouse said. “He took my phone number after I told him what I was doing this season. Then, in L.A. a month later, I saw him at another game, and the next day they had two extra tickets He gave me a call, so I sat with him and Diane, Braun’s mom, behind home plate. Scott Boras was 10 feet to my right and Tommy Lasorda was 20 feet to my left. That was probably the highlight of the year so far.”

Rouse hands out cards at games explaining his mission, providing links to his blog and the Be the Match Foundation, and often offers his extra seat at home games to his Twitter followers in exchange for a donation to the foundation. “It’s nice to see and hear other people’s opinions about baseball,” Rouse said. “That’s mainly what we talked about at the games. It’s a good experience to meet other fans and share a baseball game with them.”

Rouse had already visited 14 Major League stadiums before setting out this season, and he has added six more so far -- another two will come before the end of the season.

“Besides Miller Park, it was really nice to see AT&T Park in San Francisco,” Rouse said. “I’ve always seen it on TV and other broadcasts, but being there and seeing the bay in the background was definitely nice. I’m looking forward to going back to Pittsburgh; PNC is probably my favorite away stadium. I was there in 2006 for two games, ‘08 for three games and ‘10 for three games. It’s just a really great park to watch baseball in.” 


-- Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

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