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Survey says! Korean Little Leaguers choose favorite All-Stars

Ask a simple question, get a simple answer. Eventually.

Four Korean Little Leaguers, visiting Kansas City as part of Major League Baseball's "Live Your Dream" promotion, dropped by the Kansas City Convention Center on Monday (with two Korean pop stars, an actress and a former Korean Baseball batting champion) for a tour through FanFest.

They were asked, through an interpreter, to name their favorite All-Star players. But the kids didn't just start rattling off names. No, they needed time to think. And confer. And come up with, as a group, a list of worthy All-Stars designated as their favorites.

"Wait," one kid said, holding his index finger up in the universal sign for "just a minute, please."

In addition to David Ortiz, they settled on Matt Kemp and Buster Posey.

Asked what they've enjoyed most about their experience so far, the kids noted a few amenities offered in the States they don't get in Korea. Including, apparently, the ease of getting from point A to point B.

"The transportation," one kid pointed out, "Is very, very nice.”

-- Alyson Footer