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ABL manager gets ejected, snatches third base and throws it into beer garden

ABL manager throws third base into beer garden

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Do you make lemonade? Maybe use them to garnish a nice metaphorical half-full glass? Or do you, like Sydney Blue Sox manager Jason Pospishil, throw those figurative lemons as hard as possible at the nearest figurative wall, possibly creating figurative lemon pancakes?

Here, let us explain without any citrus fruit involved. In the top of the second inning of the first game of Saturday's doubleheader against the Adelaide Bite, there were runners on second and third base. A sac fly to left field from Bite batter Tom Brice scored one run, but the throw was cut off in time to make the play at third, getting the trailing runner out. Well, almost.

The runner, Jordan Cowan, managed to dodge the tag from Sox third baseman Joshua Dean and was called safe at third, much to the dissatisfaction of Pospishil. Of course, the Sydney manager reacted perfectly rationally … by arguing the call, getting ejected and immediately snatching third base and tossing it into a beer garden at the edge of the field:

Watch it for yourself here:

Adelaide won the game, 6-3, but Pospishil probably won an AACTA (the Australian equivalent of an Oscar) for Most Dramatic Ejection.