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Teddy wins Presidents Race!

History has been made.

For the first time ever, Teddy Roosevelt has won the Presidents Race.

For those keeping score at home, that's 523 consecutive losses for Teddy, since the race began in 2006. We're fairly certain that's one of the worst losing streaks in sports history.

There were times he'd get close throughout these past six years, but would then would be tackled by a lobster. And then there were races where he wasn't as close, like the time he was in the wrong stadium.

But Teddy's big win didn't come without some intense preparation. He got a pre-race pep talk from Senator John McCain, who had incredible foresight (must be that political connection).


Wrestler John Cena was his personal trainer leading up to Monday's historic win.

A huge congratulations to Teddy. No doubt, this will go down as the most exciting presidential race of all time.

-- Whitney Holtzman /