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The Rangers conducted an interview while wearing a horse head and old man mask

Why the Rangers' clubhouse is equipped with masks of extremely old men and horses is a question that may never be answered. And that's OK, because the only thing that really matters is that they're being put to good use this time of year.

While the perception may be that pennant races are stressful, scary and awful until they're over, the truth is, players on contending teams are having themselves a good old time. Confident clubhouses are usually loosey-goosey...and well, it might be more accurate, in this case, to say there's been plenty of horsing around among the Rangers players.

While interviewed by FOX Sports Southwest, pitcher Jake Diekman, flanked by an Old Man Rougned Odor on his right and his lovely sidekick, the horse-faced Elvis Andrus on his left, did most of the talking.

Andrus, on the other hand, was relegated to a random "Neigh" here and there. Some were more emphatic than others, like when reporter Emily Jones asked what it would take for the Rangers to beat the Astros.

"Neigh?" Andrus answered, with an exaggerated shrug.

Turns out, clichés work for horses, too.