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To celebrate the spring equinox, we present the All-Spring MLB roster

Spring is here! It's time to rejoice! Throw on your bright, floral dresses or your jean shorts ... and then go back inside if you're in the Northeast because you're supposed to get a foot of snow. 

Regardless, winter is officially over and the baseball season is only nine days away. So, in honor of that, may we present to you, the All-Spring Team: 

P: Sun-Woo Kim


Did you know the original Beatles lyrics were "Here comes the Sun-Woo Kim, little darling. Here comes the Sun-Woo Kim." 

C: Tyler Flowers


April Showers bring May flowers. But what happens when Tyler Flowers takes a shower?

1B: Shawn Green


"This spring as it comes bursts up in bonfires [Shawn] Green" -- D.H. Lawrence

2B: Tim Raines


Sure, Raines isn't known for playing second base, but he did play 404 2/3 innings at the keystone, so he fits.

SS: Willie Bloomquist


The most beautiful bloom of all.

3B: Jake Lamb


March comes in like a lion, out like a Jake Lamb.

OF: Chick Hafey


Spring is when the baby chicks come out to play and eat seed, or corn, or whatever it is that birds eat.

OF: George Springer


I like to think this photo is of Springer preparing for a pregame spring picnic.

OF: Jorge Soler


Start on sun and end on sun. Spring is here.

Manager: Nippy Jones

Sure, it's nippy in the spring, but that's not why he's included on the list. No, it's because his given name was Vernal, an adjective that means "of, in, or appropriate to spring."