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Yasiel Puig struck fear in Nick Hundley (and baserunners everywhere) with a ridiculous throw

When Orlando Calixte flied out to right field during the Dodgers' 5-3 win over the Giants on Tuesday, Nick Hundley was not thinking about tagging up and trying for third base. For in right field, on an almost nightly basis, resides a high-powered cannon prepared to cut down any runner who may test its accuracy or power. (Well, it's actually an arm. It's Yasiel Puig's arm).

But just in case Hundley had any thoughts or thoughts in the future of advancing a base on the right fielder, Puig let him know what he'd be dealing with:

Yes, according to Statcast, that's a 250-foot throw basically from his heels. No crow-hop, all arm, straight to Justin Turner at third base. Puig also had a big two-run double in the fourth inning. The win, breaking an 11-game losing streak, guaranteed L.A. a postseason berth.