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These were some of the best tweets from Major and Minor Leaguers this week

Tweets of the Week is probably the most straightforward segment on this website that you'll ever see. Each week, we'll take a look at some of the funniest, cheekiest and most noteworthy tweets tweeted by professional baseball players. Super simple. We hope you aren't confused. Let's start with MLB.

Tweets from the Bigs

Jerry Seinfeld and the Dodgers

Brandon McCarthy has been a Twitter All-Star for years now, and this past week, he did not disappoint. After his start against the Mets (in which he threw six scoreless innings), McCarthy offered an amusing admission: 

McCarthy's Twitter header is a picture of George Costanza, so it's safe to say Seinfeld is on his mind rather often. A few days later, however, Seinfeld again came up, this time with a few of McCarthy's Dodger teammates. 21-year-old rookie sensation Cody Bellinger went on ESPN and was asked how familiar he was with Jerry Seinfeld. When Cody admitted he couldn't put a face to the name, his teammates couldn't believe it:

McCarthy, the biggest Seinfeld fan of the bunch, was particularly offended:

Clearly Cody has been too busy hitting dingers to catch any of the re-runs.

Jason Motte is "old"

It is not uncommon for players to rag on their veteran teammates for being relatively elderly (see: Ross, David). Our latest example comes courtesy of Braves pitcher Luke Jackson, who kindly wished his teammate Jason Motte a happy birthday:

Motte only turned 35, but a little exaggeration never hurt anyone, right?

Drew Storen mean mugs with his baby:

Here we see Reds reliever Drew Storen returning to his old stomping grounds in Washington D.C., where he spent the first six years of his career. It's unclear how well his adorable son remembers Drew's stint with the Nationals.

NBA Draft Party

A number of players were tuned in to the NBA Draft on Thursday night. Phillies catcher Cameron Rupp was excited about Sixers' no. 1 overall pick, Markelle Fultz:

At least Rupp knows his limits.

A New Challenger for The Freeze:

It's no secret that The Freeze, the Braves' between-innings superstar sprinter, has been all the rage lately. He's already lost a few times, but now the players themselves are wanting in on the action. First it was Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon. Now, Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright thinks he's found a good challenger for The Freeze:

And now, Minor League folks who are Major League Tweeters.

Michael Chavis learns about New Jersey:

An important milestone in growing up. It's gonna be OK, Michael.

Michael Matuella is still talking about Nickelback:

This is not the first time the Rangers prospect has expressed his feelings about Nickelback on Twitter. And it's safe to say it won't be the last.

People are using Brent Honeywell's Netflix:

Top 25 prospects! They're just like us!

If you see any tweets across baseball that you find worthy for #TOTW (Tweets of the Week) send them to us @CespedesBBQ.