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Let's put the 2017 season on repeat with our very favorite GIFs of the year

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We're not economics experts, but if that's the going exchange rate, a GIF must be worth its weight in gold. So what better way to say one last goodbye to the 2017 season than with the very best GIFs it had to offer?

Bat flips, outrageous slides, tongue wags -- everything you loved about the last 12 months of baseball is here. (Although if we missed any of your favorites, be sure to let us know in the comments.)

Chris Coghlan goes airborne

When you think of a great slide, you're probably thinking of some ground-based contortions. Coghlan, however, is out here disrupting the slide industry as we know it:


The Texas Rangers, Master Thespians

Joey Gallo has long been among the most expressive men in baseball. This year, he got some of his teammates into the act:


Javy Baez is the smoothest man alive

It should come as no surprise that Baez scored a game-winning run with an effortless slide:


The Thumbs-Down

It was quite possibly baseball's Meme of the Year and launched its own dugout celebration, so of course Gary Dunaier's disapproval makes the list:


Anthony Rizzo isn't going anywhere

Rizzo is one of the most feared sluggers in baseball. He is not one of the most feared base-stealers in baseball, but the Phillies remained vigilant nonetheless:


Dellin Betances speaks for all of us

Aaron Judge nearly broke Marlins Park at the 2017 Home Run Derby, and Betances was there for the reaction GIF we all desperately needed:


Where'd the ball go?

We don't really blame Yadier Molina for not being able to find this one:


Nick Williams enters the Matrix

Feeling stressed? Let Williams seamlessly avoiding the tag soothe your mind:


The pitch GIF of the year

Marcus Stroman didn't actually have this slider on a string ... we think:


Now warming up for the Red Sox, Austin Jackson

When you're a Red Sox reliever, you always need to keep an eye out for home run balls and/or flying outfielders:


Yasiel Puig does Yasiel Puig things

How might Yasiel Puig celebrate a postseason triple? Pretty much exactly as you'd expect:


Bryce Harper's bat flip

There are bat flips, and then there's what Harper did when he launched a game-tying, two-run homer in the eighth inning of NLDS Game 2 against the Cubs:


Carlos Correa waves Alex Bregman home

And now, we present the entire spectrum of human emotion in just one GIF:


Carlos Beltran soaks it in

One of the best things about the Astros capturing the 2017 World Series: Beltran finally got his first ring.


Thanks for everything, baseball. We'll see you in 2018.