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The weirdest and best National League gifts you can buy this holiday season

The holidays are here, and you're fast running out of time to find that perfect gift. But have no fear, we are here to help you find something remarkably wonderful for every baseball fan in your life. Today, we're looking at the NL teams. Click here for the AL version, if you so choose. 

So, need a present? Scroll down and get that credit card ready. 

Arizona Diamondbacks


What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three at night? Baxter, the D-backs' mascot (we're just waiting for the geriatric version of the patch.) 

Atlanta Braves


For the Atlanta fan that still holds many good memories of Greg Maddux striking batters out, Andruw Jones laying out for fly balls and Chipper Jones lacing liners all over the park, this keychain with dirt from Turner Field is probably just the thing. 

Chicago Cubs


Wish you were at the ballpark instead of working on those spreadsheets? Live your dreams

Cincinnati Reds


What's better than Mr. Redlegs? A Mr. Redlegs that is more mustache than legs.

Colorado Rockies


Honor Colorado's amazing state flag and the team with the new Batting Practice cap

Los Angeles Dodgers


Clayton Kershaw intimidates batters whenever he steps atop the hill. Now, intimidate your house guests with this clearly haunted wood carving.

Miami Marlins


Until it becomes economically feasible to install your very own, fully functional home run machine, wall art will have to do

Milwaukee Brewers


This one checks off all the categories needed for a good Brewers-themed holiday present: 

- Bratwurst

- Beer

- German costumes

- Hank the dog 

New York Mets


Last year, Noah Syndergaard got even stronger. Get the only doll that listened.

Philadelphia Phillies


The material is only as good as the teacher. Fortunately for all of us, this Christmas the teacher can be ... the Phillie Phanatic. Yes, underneath all that green fur is a creature that wants to show us history. Move over, Bill and Ted: This is the movie for me

Pittsburgh Pirates


No matter what form it has taken, the Pirates' logo is always one of the best in the league. Don't make the Pirates fan in your life have to choose when you can get a pin set featuring four, count 'em, four of them

San Diego Padres


Yes, it's technically a shirt for toddlers, but after a little New Year's resolution weight loss and some creative tailoring, this is a glorious top that we can all enjoy. 

San Francisco Giants


Yeah, the Giants may not have won the 2016 World Series, but after pushing the chips in to try and acquire Giancarlo Stanton, they went and picked up Evan Longoria. Get the poster and prepare for the return of Even Year Magic. 

St. Louis Cardinals


Forget going to the sports bar for the game. Just get your very own Cardinals neon sign. In fact, why not replace every lighting source in your house with a neon Cardinals sign? A real fan would do it -- just saying.  

Washington Nationals


The mid-game Racing Presidents is already a work of stunning performance art. Now, turn it into frameable, hangable, in-your-house visual art.