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Seven great hitters you didn't know could also pitch (sort of)

Infielder Jamey Carroll pitched a perfect eighth inning for the Twins on Monday, becoming just the 495th position player in baseball history to take the mound.

Below are some of the greatest hitters who, for whatever reason, found themselves toeing the rubber one fateful night:

Stan Musial, Cardinals - September 28, 1952

Stan Musial

Ted Williams, Red Sox - August 24, 1940

Ted Williams

Wade Boggs, Yankees and Devil Rays - August 19, 1997 / August 10, 1999

Wade Boggs

Rocky Colavito, Indians and Yankees - August 13, 1958 / August 25, 1968

Rocky Colavito

Bobby Bonilla, Cardinals - April 17, 2001

Bobby Bonilla

Bert Campaneris, Athletics - September 8, 1965

Bert Campaneris

Jose Canseco, Rangers - May 29, 1993

Jose Canseco