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This 5-year-old who underwent a heart transplant is the biggest baseball fan you'll meet today

Five-year-old Ari Schultz spent 189 days in the hospital last year while undergoing numerous heart surgeries -- including a heart transplant -- after being placed on life support when his heart arrested. But through all that, he never lost his spirit or his love for the game of baseball and his beloved Red Sox.
It's been over 105 days since he underwent the heart transplant, and he was surprised when he found out he would be leaving the hospital weeks earlier than he anticipated.
You see, Schultz thought he'd remain in the facility for a least the next few weeks. It turns out, he actually left just days after a video starring him went viral.
"Two days!" he said with excitement, followed by a bit of disbelief.

With a miniature bat in hand and a Xander Bogaerts jersey proudly worn, Schultz played a makeshift game of baseball. He made solid contact off a pitch and rounded the bases, shouting "Bogaerts" numerous times in the process.   
The Red Sox got wind of his story and invited him to the game of his choice. Even some of the players tweeted in support of him.

"It kind of puts things in perspective," Benintendi said to's Ian Browne. "In the end, it's a game and to see something like that, with the kind of platform we're on and to maybe be able to make an impact on him, it's huge. That's what it's really about. Sure, you want to win games, but you want to impact people. It will be fun to see him at Fenway."