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Brad Ausmus' ejection hoodie is being auctioned off for charity

On Monday, Brad Ausmus, a bit perturbed after a strike call, had some words with the home-plate umpire. He was quickly ejected, but not before he draped his hoodie sweatshirt over home plate. It was almost as if he was saying the strike zone has died and I want to give it a decent burial.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that hoodie can now be yours. The sweatshirt, along with the discarded hat, are currently being auctioned off by Ausmus donated the items directly to the Detroit Tigers Foundation with the goal of raising money for youth baseball in Detroit. Proceeds from this auction will directly benefit the Tiny Tigers tee-ball program funded by the Detroit Tigers Foundation at Detroit PAL. As of this writing, the current bid stands at $1,380.00. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can wear it to the next game. You can wear it to your next wedding. You can wear it every day and tell people you're Brad Ausmus. Who doesn't wanna look like Brad Ausmus? 

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