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The Dominican Republic -- and GM Moisés Alou -- almost got Bartman'd on Monday

While Steve Bartman has seldom been seen since Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, Moisés Alou has moved on rather nicely -- landing a gig as the Dominican Republic's GM for the World Baseball Classic. But it seems the ghost of that game against the Marlins isn't done with Alou just yet.

During Monday's game against the Netherlands, DR outfielder Moisés Sierra tracked a foul ball into the left field seats, competing with a bespectacled fan for the souvenir. Thankfully for both Moiséses (Mois-i?), history didn't quite repeat itself and Sierra snared the ball in his glove inches away from the fan.

Watch the spectacular catch below, and enjoy Alou's reaction to the eerily similar play:

-- Dakota Gardner /