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The Giants want to 'continue the trend' with #RallyCain

When they were down, 3-1, there was #RallyZito. When they were down, 3-2, there was #RallyVogey. With the NLCS now knotted, 3-3, after season-saving victories from Barry Zito and Ryan Vogelsong, the Giants are hoping #RallyCain propels them into the World Series.

Aside from the straightforward hashtag supporting ace Matt Cain, San Francisco is also promoting #RallyHorse, referencing Cain's nickname that's been brought to life on a few occasions at AT&T Park.

They're also promoting #WinToday -- advice that could not be any more prudent, for both the Giants and the Cardinals, in Monday's Game 7 showdown that will leave one team headed for the World Series and one watching it from home.

-- Dan Wohl /

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