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See Veteran's Stadium come back to life on this week's episode of 'The Goldbergs'

There are some things from our childhoods that we know we'll never be able to do again, like drink Surge or rent VHS tapes. But thanks to ABC's "The Goldbergs," we can revisit one thing we thought was gone forever: The Vet.

On this week's episode of the family sitcom, Adam Goldberg and his dad go to a game in Veteran's Stadium, where the Phillies played from 1971-2003. You thought it you'd never see it again, but thanks to the magic of TV, look! There it is:


Maybe you really can go home again. But it might take some work. Adam spends most of the episode lost in the stadium, looking for his dad:

Though he doesn't find him right away, he does find someone else:


Happily, the two are soon reunited. But the most important thing about this episode isn't the resurrected Vet or the message of family togetherness. Nope, it's this bedazzled Phillies jersey that Adam's older brother Barry wears during the ending credits:


We'll take ten, please.