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The Hold Steady's Craig Finn is optimistic about the 2015 Twins, and Kent Hrbek agrees

Kent Hrbek and Craig Finn are optimistic about Twins

The Hold Steady's Craig Finn is about as big of a Twins fan as they come. He's written an entire song about the team, after all. So when he talks baseball, it's always a must-read for Minnesota faithful.

Finn spoke with Rolling Stone, looking ahead to the Twins' 2015 season:

"Phil Hughes was a great story last year. … I don't care how he does, and it's not my money. I think it's great [Torii Hunter's] there. … And you keep hearing about young guys like Sano and Buxton, and if just one of them happens it would be quite a coup. People who know about prospects speak very highly of them, and you're just waiting on them. … It will be a fun year; I have faith they'll win more games than they did last year."

Not too shabby when you have indie rock's good graces on your side. And Finn's optimism was seconded by one familiar Twins name:

And thus all of Twins fandom converged on itself.

We think Hrbek would similarly enjoy Finn's ode to the Twins, too: