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The Italian Sausage tripped at the start of the race, but at least got some cool dirt stains

Some of the most common pieces of advice given prior to a game, match or race are to be competitive and to put oneself in it. The basic theme: Make others beat you; don't beat yourself.

Unfortunately for the Italian Sausage, that advice didn't make its way to his ears. During Tuesday's sausage race at Miller Park -- run amid the Brewers' 5-2 win over the Pirates -- the starter's gun had barely been fired before the Italian Sausage found himself down and out of the race. Give him credit, though, for finishing even with no chance of victory.


It has been a rough end of the season for the sausage from Italy, who, just recently, tripped in the final stretch of a race. This time around he got some dirt on his uniform, so he can at least look tough in defeat.