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A-Rod and J-Lo were profiled by 'Vanity Fair,' and it's a must-read

Though it seems like they've been a happy couple forever, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have only been officially dating since the beginning of the year. But it seems to be going really well!

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On Tuesday, Vanity Fair published a profile on the power couple, and it's full of delightful stories, like that A-Rod didn't know their first date was an actual date. Once he figured it out, he texted J-Lo from the bathroom.

Want to learn about A-Rod's "secret stylist" talents? Curious about J-Lo's guilty pleasure? Watch this extremely adorable video:

Who needs Halloween candy when you have stories this sweet?

The next night, Lopez is performing her smash show All I Have in Las Vegas …
"A-Rod's in the house," someone from the audience yells. She laughs. Yes, A-Rod is in the house. Although he's seen the show many times, he's still watching every detail. … During a segment that's all New York, with Lopez in a sequined baseball jersey, he nudges me again. "If you look closely, you'll see what number she's wearing on her jersey," he says. It's 13, his Yankee number.

Read the full profile here.