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The Life of Bartolo Colon: A True or False Quiz

Big Sexy. Barty Bart. Cytolo.

Whatever nickname you prefer for baseball's elder statesman, we can all hopefully agree that Bartolo Colon is a legend. He's played 20 big league seasons -- spanning 10 teams, three decades and four different U.S. presidents. He's one of two '90s players left (Adrian Beltre is the other) and is the last remaining Expo.

While he's not currently with a team, the Cy Young Award winner is still an active MLB player ... and a living, breathing MLB relic with a life chock full of stories that blur the line between fact and fiction.

So, we ask you, impassioned Bartolo Colon fan, how well do you know your favorite 44-year-old? Test your knowledge with our True and False Quiz below: