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The O's gave Kevin Gausman mad donuts to celebrate his Major League debut

You wouldn't think donuts and sports go together, but some athletes actually need them to perform.

Newly called-up Orioles pitcher Kevin Gausman is one of those people. He likes the confections so much, they've become a part of his pitching routine (although, he says he's ditching the sweets in the Majors).

During Spring Training, Adam Jones packed Gausman's locker full of the powdery, mini-donut varietal. Knowing a good gag when they see one, the Orioles ran it back and performed the same prank to commemorate Gausman's first start in the Major Leagues on Thursday.

Gausman loved it. Honestly, who wouldn't love discovering a locker full of donuts? I'm pretty sure this is what greets you on your first day in heaven, along with free MLB.TV and a cell phone that actually gets reception in your living room.

-- Dakota Gardner /