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The Eagles will be practicing at Angel Stadium this week, and Mike Trout is probably really excited

The Eagles will practice at Angel Stadium this week

There are many things Mike Trout is fond of: Baseball, of course, his adorable family and his beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Since dreams do come true, the Angels outfielder got to witness a couple of his favorite things combined recently.

The Eagles are currently in Los Angeles preparing for their Sunday matchup against the Rams, and they are practicing at where else, but Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

The stadium will host the Rams throughout the week (Wednesday to Friday) as they prepare for the afternoon game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and they have the field ready for some football. We can only imagine how excited Trout will be to have his team in his neck of the woods.

Not a bad place to throw the pig skin around.

Trout will surely leave with plenty of souvenirs.