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The Phillies and D-backs turned back the clocks with some sweet throwback uniforms

Thanks to social media, Thursdays have become known for one thing above all else: Throwbacks. So, for Thursday night's games, the Phillies and D-backs happily heeded the call of society by breaking out some great uniforms from the past.

The Phillies hearkened back to the 70's and 80's as they took on the Pirates with their classic powder blue uniforms. If you like them -- which you totally should -- you're in luck: They'll be bringing them back for select Thursday home games throughout the season.


Since they didn't play their first Major League game until 1998, the D-backs weren't able to go as deep into the past as the Phillies, but their trip into the late-90s and early-aughts worked perfectly all the same. Do you like teal and purple? Of course you do. Paul Goldschmidt even got some purple spikes to match.


Throughout the season, the D-backs will take a tour through their uniform history with seven total Throwback Thursdays. So, get ready for a steady diet of trips down memory lane.