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'The power of the beard let me catch it' says bearded, home run-catching fan

Remember Brian Wenzel, aka the man with the majestic beard? Cut4 interviewed him just two weeks ago in Denver after he caught his third home run ball of the season, a drive to center off the bat of Carlos Gonzalez.

Turns out the beard is up to his old tricks in a new city. The Rockies season ticket holder visited Angel Stadium for the first time on Sunday and snared Carlos Pena's line-drive blast in the sixth inning. A chorus of fans urged him to throw the ball back, but Wenzel had other plans.

"I didn't want to get kicked out, for starters," he said. "That's a trophy. That's going on the wall."

The Pena ball will go into a collection that already includes home run balls from CarGo, Troy Tulowitzki and Justin Upton -- the only four homers Wenzel has caught in his life, and they're all from the 2013 season.

Oh yeah, it's also the first season Wenzel has been sporting the self-described "majestically epic face mane." Coincidence? You decide.

"The power of the beard let me catch it," Wenzel said. "My wife's not happy because it's not getting shaved anytime soon."

-- Phil George / Real-Time Correspondent

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