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The Question: We're halfway home, so who wins it all?

You can tell a lot from the first half of something.

Halfway through a ballgame, it's easy to determine if a starter has his best stuff. Halfway through an inning, you can tell if the size of the strike zone favors batters or pitchers. Halfway through the season, you know there's certain teams -- Yankees, Rangers -- that just aren't going away.

At the same time, there's nothing to stop teams buried in the standings from shocking the world on the last day of the season -- we're looking at you, St. Louis and Tampa Bay -- rendering July records obsolete. 

When one fateful late-September evening can be the most memorable in recent regular-season history, what's to say any predictions made at the All-Star break are of value?

Still, we have to ask: Can the first-place Pirates shock the National League and make their first postseason appearance since 1992? Will the Braves hold off all competitors and return to the postseason? Are the Nats -- yes, the Nats -- for real? Who will win the wild, wild NL West?

And that's just one league!

Remember, there are two Wild Card berths for each circuit this time around. Leave your thoughts below.