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Watch these fans put on a show behind home plate, imitating an umpire and Prince Fielder as a catcher

A baseball game can never have too many officials and catchers, right?

When the Rangers hosted the Mariners Saturday night, there were a couple of fans that wanted to make sure they were truly part of the game.

Sitting behind home plate were a fan imitating an umpire (weirdly sporting eye black) and his friend dressed as a catcher wearing a Prince Fielder uniform. The two made calls on balls and strikes and were confident in the strike zone they called -- even assisting Nelson Cruz's at-bat when he struck out swinging.


This isn't the first time this has been done, but these enthusiastic fans in Arlington on Saturday were naturals.

The Mariners fell to the Rangers 10-4, but these two seemed to make the heat a little more bearable.