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The Rangers seem to be obsessed with oversized entrees -- not that we're complaining

Have you ever wanted to try a 24-inch hot dog or quesadilla? What about a 24-ounce burger?

If you are craving "Texas Sized" food, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington has got what you need.

There's a 24-inch quesadilla known as the "Murphadilla" after outfielder David Murphy, and a 24-ounce "Beltre Buster" burger named after third baseman Adrian Beltre.

This isn't the first time the Rangers have named jumbo menu items after players. Last year, they introduced the biggest hot dog in all of baseball, a 24-inch "Boomstick" named after outfielder Nelson Cruz and the "Totally Rossome Nachos," after pitcher Robbie Ross.

These gargantuan concoctions are unique to the Ballpark in Arlington, and definitively prove that everything is bigger in Texas.

--Austin McLaurin / Real-Time Correspondent