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The Reds will celebrate Fiona the hippo's first birthday by making a bobblehead in her likeness

Most of the bobbleheads handed out at ballparks during the 2018 season will commemorate people directly associated with baseball. There will be ones of players -- past and present -- managers and even broadcasters. They'll all be good because bobbleheads are good. Some will even be exceptional. But only a select few will be truly unique.

The Reds announced Saturday that, for their June 19 match up against the Tigers, they will be giving out bobbleheads of Fiona -- the adorable hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo who first captured hearts when she was born premature -- in celebration of her first birthday as part of a special ticket package:

As every baseball fan knows, there's nothing better than celebrating your birthday at the ballpark. Fiona is most definitely living the dream.