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The swift hand of telestrator justice: Giants announcers 'draw' all over rogue Dodgers fan

When this fan snagged a foul ball during Monday's Padres-Giants game, the crowd was on his side. But then he had to go and ... oh no. Oh no he didn't.

He put on a Dodgers cap.

Wearing Los Angeles gear to a contest between San Diego and San Francisco could be the result of getting really lost on a California freeway, but this gleeful troublemaker knew exactly what he was doing.

Though AT&T Park erupted into boos, the Giants' broadcast booth didn't have an unkind word for the Dodgers fan -- instead, the announcers (seasoned Snapchat users?) sublimated their feelings into art, drawing over him via telestrator.

Don't you wish you could do that to anyone who annoys you?

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /