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Here are the 10 most popular Cut4 posts of 2015

Here are the 10 most popular Cut4 posts of 2015

The time has come to say farewell to another year. But don't be sad because 2015 is almost over! Be glad that it happened. Be extra glad that we have this time together to remember the most popular Cut4 posts of the year.

You couldn't get enough of Adrian Beltre suddenly and hilariously remembering he was supposed to stay in the batter's box after taking a pitch. You liked strange ballpark features, hidden ball tricks, Bryce Harper's note to a fan and a softball player for whom the laws of physics meant nothing

But those are just the runners up. Now it's time for your top ten:

10. Little League World Series pitcher gives up grand slam, is way too impressed to be upset about it


In August, Missouri's Mekhi Garrard gave up a grand slam during the Little League World Series. But he loves incredible home runs as much as the rest of us, so he wasn't upset at all.

9. Hidden-ball trick during Triple-A game leaves broadcasters in silent confusion


Sometimes a hidden-ball trick is so convincing it even fools the broadcasters. That's exactly what happened in an April Columbus Clippers-Indianapolis Indians game.

8. This bonkers college baseball play at the plate defies logic


There was more action packed into this 30-second play at the plate from a March Arkansas-Vanderbilt game than there was in the entirety of "Avatar."

7.Yasiel Puig's throw from deep down the right-field line to third base is a sight to behold


The 2015 season had far too little of Yasiel Puig for our liking, but we did get this magnificent throw in an early April game against the Padres.

6. A Japanese high schooler combined pinch-hitting with interpretive dance, and it is everything


In July, a Japanese high schooler pulled out some kendo moves at the plate to a marching band's rendition of Queen and yes, it will rock you.

5. Jacob deGrom revels in his NLDS Game 1 victory by pranking Daniel Murphy


It's hard to be down when your team just beat Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers … unless Jacob deGrom is lowering your chair.

4. Cubs will preserve Kyle Schwarber's mammoth HR that landed on top of the Wrigley Field scoreboard

Defying all conventional wisdom on the topic, Kyle Schwarber's massive home run from Game 4 of the NLDS did not enter low-earth orbit. In fact, it landed atop the Wrigley Field scoreboard, where we can gaze upon it forever.

3. Nori Aoki escapes getting picked off, enters glitch in the Matrix


Clayton Kershaw has a pretty good pickoff move, but Nori Aoki has apparently downloaded all of the possible ways to evade it into his brain. And sure, some of those ways are a little weird, but they work!

2. 10 bizarre baseball rules you won't believe actually existed


Walks were scored as hits for one year, in 1887! Pitchers were required to throw underhand until 1883!

1. Here's everything you need to know about Will Ferrell's epic day at MLB Spring Training


Will Ferrell + baseball? Could anyone really ask for more?