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Viral Yankees fan met Rafael Devers before the game Sunday night and cleared the air

Remember the Yankees fan whose honest reaction to a Rafael Devers home run caused a viral explosion over social media? He was confident with Aroldis Chapman on the bump and a two-strike count on the young infielder. That was until …

His face will forever be burned into our memories, and the fan returned to watch the Yankees' 9-2 win over the Red Sox on Sunday night. The best part? He got to meet Devers before the game and gave him some hats with his famous face on them as a keepsake, all while getting his cap signed. He just made sure to plead with Devers to keep the home runs to a minimum, or nonexistence.

And if you are one of those who forgot what that face looked like or may have missed it, his buddy made sure to have his back with a personalized sign … too personal if you ask us.