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The War on Beers, Golf Edition: Tiger Woods sinks ball in fan's drink

Our semi-baseball-related coverage of the 2013 Masters continues: Tiger Woods apparently sunk a drive into a spectator's beer at the third hole at Augusta National on Thursday. That kind of trick shot would probably win you a free game at your local mini-golf joint, but it's generally frowned upon by the PGA.

From Yahoo! Sports writer Jay Busbee:

Remember that Mariners fan who caught a foul ball in his beer on Wednesday night? Of course you do, because that was the most incredible thing you've ever seen. If you're keeping count, this is two major sporting events in 24 hours at which a fan had his adult beverage compromised by an athlete's ball. Incredibly unlikely coincidence, or diabolical inter-sports collusion to scam patrons into buying more booze?

But more importantly, beers are only $3 at the Masters -- I think I just became a golf fan.

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

(h/t Business Insider)