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Watch the Yankees' grounds crew struggle mightily to put a tarp on the field

The Yankees grounds crew cannot put the tarp on the field

Unrolling a tarp and spreading it out with a group of people may have been a fun activity you participated in during recess as a kid. But did you ever do it during a torrential downpour, with lightning, and thunder, and 40,000 people watching?

The Yankees' grounds crew attempted this feat during Wednesday's game against the Rangers, and, well, things didn't go well ...


It took 14 minutes for the crew to finally tame the beast and cover the field. In the end, the rain would stop play and the Yankees took the shortened game 2-1. Check out the entire saga below:

And while the grounds crew may have been struggling, meanwhile Brendan Ryan had not a care in the world, spending the delay catching raindrops with his hands:

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