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These Wrigley Field visitors are birds, they'll only fly away (from Starlin Castro)

It's got to be good to be a bird. Just think about it: They can fly, they can accurately call themselves dinosaurs and everyone from Nelly Furtado to Lynyrd Skynyrd sings about them. They also usually don't get asked for their admission tickets (mostly because of that flying thing), so they can drop in on baseball games whenever they please.

That includes sitting right on the infield, if they want. That's where a flock of pigeons were chilling at Wrigley Field on Sunday, getting in Starlin Castro's way. He was shooing them away all game, but when they took flight, the shortstop appeared to jump up and try to catch one before it got away. Maybe after all the time they were next to each other, Castro found that he actually bonded with the feathered ones?

Castro wasn't able to catch one with his glove, but as Skynyrd tells us, he shouldn't feel bad. If they stayed there with you, Starlin, things just couldn't be the same. They're as free as birds now, and those birds you cannot change. (At least until they stop by to watch the Cubs again.)

-- Dan Wohl /