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This Brewers fan caught a foul bat and you'd better believe he's keeping it

When Loren Lloyd traveled this morning from Verona, WI to Miller Park, he never could have predicted the souvenir he'd catch and the memory he'd make.

In the fifth inning, Brewers' center fielder Carlos Gomez stepped to the plate for his second at-bat.  The center fielder took a large hack at a Jhoulys Chacin offering, missing the ball but letting his bat sail into the air.  The bat soared over the seats a few rows behind the Rockies' dugout, nearly into Lloyd's lap. 

"The bat went flying, Carlos let it slip and it came at me," said Lloyd. "It kind of grazed a person near me then bounced off some empty seats and I just grabbed it."

Lloyd now has an exceptional memory from Opening Day 2013 -- one that he says will be placed on a shelf in his house alongside the bobbleheads he's collected at Brewers games over the years.  It's hard to put a price on a game-used bat, but a few people tried, offering Lloyd tickets to Wednesday's game.  He said he wouldn't be taking anything for the bat because, well, it's a game-used bat.

Plus, he already has tickets to Wednesday's game.

-- Eric Harmon / Real-Time Correspondent