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This fan exchanged Ryan Braun's 200th home run ball for a bunch of swag

Whenever a player comes to the plate one home run away from a milestone, nearly every fan sitting in the outfield stands thinks the same thing: "He's going to hit a home run in this at-bat, and I'm going to catch it." Jean Jones and her sons had that thought, and watched as it came true.

When Braun belted career home run No. 200 in the fourth inning, Jones was able to gather the ball. She was quickly met by security, and was able to exchange the ball for a signed bat. The Jones family was hoping to meet up with Braun after the game, and they were given the chance.

Not wanting anything in return except a chance to meet the reigning NL MVP,  they were nevertheless presented with numerous gifts from Braun. The family ultimately received a signed bat, batting gloves, a photo opportunity and some autographs.

Humbled by the feat of his 200th homer (and also his 40th of the season, which he hit two innings later), Braun and his teammates know there are bigger things to worry about as the regular season draws to a close.

"Individual accomplishments are always more enjoyable when they come in the context of a team win," said Braun. "It's cool because I've never done it before. The middle of the season is never a time for reflection. It's fun for all of us right now, to be in the position we're in."

-- Adam DeCock / Real-Time Correspondent

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