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This is 40, starring the 2013 New York Yankees

Derek Jeter will turn 39 in June. Andy Pettitte and Ichiro are already there (although Wizards tend to improve with age). Mariano Rivera is 43 and A-Rod will turn 38 before likely returning to action.

Jamie Moyer won 21 games as he closed out his fourth decade back in 2003 and Julio Franco hit .309 in his age-45 campaign, but the New Yorker seems to be implying that the 2013 Bronx Bombers shouldn't expect similar success. 

Do you agree with those bastions of high-brow literature and black-and-white cartoons? Will the Yankees finally feel their age this year, or is experience always an advantage? Or will Paul Rudd crash his bike his bike into a car door and realize he's happy that Leslie Mann is having a third baby? We shall see ...

-- Matt Monagan /