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This is what it looks like when you skydive into Dodgers Spring Training

A comprehensive list of the coolest way to enter a Spring Training stadium:

1. A DeLorean time machine

2. A teleportation device

3. Jumping out of an airplane and landing in the outfield

4. A helicopter

The first two haven't been invented (yet) and most of us aren't Will Ferrell, so No. 4 is out. That leaves just skydiving into the outfield and ... well, good luck doing that without losing your lunch. 

For those of us lacking the, um, adventurous spirit required to propel ourselves out of an airplane with just a fancy knapsack strapped to our backs, we can live vicariously through the Arizona Skyhawks Parachute Team. The Skyhawks jumped out of an airplane on Thursday afternoon and parachuted into the outfield of Dodgers Spring Training at Camelback Ranch in Phoenix, Ariz.