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This is why you should watch all 7 of Friday's home openers

Opening Day was great, wasn't it? Don't you wish it could happen all over again? Well, you're in luck, because this Friday is basically Opening Day -- part two. Seven teams will celebrate their home openers at the end of this week, and thanks to, you can watch them all in your living room (or classroom, we're not here to judge).

Start with:

Blue Jays @ Orioles - 3:05 pm

The Orioles start the day with a contest against the Blue Jays, and you know what that means - time for a crab mac and cheese hot dog:

You know what else it's time for? Manny Machado. O's fans will be able to see him patrolling third base at Camden Yards for the first time since August. He spent most of the offseason recovering from a knee injury, but now he's back:

The next games happen more or less simultaneously, but luckily you can watch all four of them at once. Start with:

Astros @ Rangers - 4:05 pm

It's a game all about Texas, and you know what that means - everything's bigger, especially home runs. Plus, there's always the chance someone will try to touch Adrian Beltre's head:


Tigers @ Indians - 4:10 pm

The Indians' home opener pits them against their division rival, the Tigers. Could this be the year that the Tribe finally makes it to the top of the AL Central? Detroit's lineup has been collecting hits, with 25 in their first two games. But Cleveland's done a pretty good job of preventing them.

Cubs @ Rockies - 4:10 pm

So far, the Rockies are 3-0, and they haven't played a game at Coors Field yet. How long will they be able to maintain their perfect record? And how much closer will they get to their season-long goal?

It's looking good so far:

Twins @ White Sox - 4:10 pm

Even wild(ish) life is excited about the White Sox home opener. Look how badly this fish at Shedd Aquarium wants a ticket:

To be fair, even underwater in a separate building, the fish can probably snag a ball off of Jose Abreu's bat:


Would it cause a tidal wave in the aquarium? The probability is high.

Mets @ Braves - 7:35 pm

Not only will you see plenty of Freddie Freeman hugs at Turner Field on Friday night, but if you tune in early enough, you'll also be treated to a parade of Braves greats throughout the ages:

Royals @ Angels - 10:05 pm

Let's not pretend that we're in this for anything other than a hero's homecoming. Mike Trout will be returning to Angel Stadium of Anaheim for the first time after winning AL MVP. We imagine it will look something like this:

And we're expecting a little of this:


And this: