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This one-handed, diving catch by a Phillies fan is one of the best you'll see

We've all seen fan catches. They happen during nearly every MLB game -- some with babies in tow, some, questionably, with plates of nachos.

But during the first-place Rockies' 8-1 win in Philadelphia on Monday, there occurred one of the more purely athletic grabs you'll ever see at a ballgame. The Phillies' Freddy Galvis hit a hard foul ball back toward the upper deck and a fan leapt across the section to make a one-handed snag:

That is dedication. That is levitation.

According to Real-Time Correspondent Alex Nolen, the fan in question was 18-year-old Josh Persing and the woman he's diving over was his girlfriend. Persing recently graduated from Pennsylvania's Abington High School and next fall is attending Arcadia University, where, you guessed it, he'll be playing baseball. He's a catcher and obviously a very adept one.

Coincidentally, Persing was sporting a Brad Lidge jersey -- the former Phillies closer who now resides in, um, Colorado.