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This young Astros fan broke into tears after learning that Carlos Correa was engaged

Every baseball fan and supporter of true love was pretty ecstatic for Carlos Correa and his now-fiancee, Daniella Rodriguez, when the two were engaged on live television after the Astros' World Series win. Well, everybody except for this young Astros fan, Scarlett, who said that "Correa broke my heart ... he married the other girl" before breaking down into tears on a family member's arm. 

It's a heartbreak many of us know -- whether when we learn that a celebrity crush will never actually fall in love with us, or when our first elementary school boyfriend/girlfriend decides to start dating someone else. 

However, this little girl is in luck as Correa and Rodriguez had a message for her:

Seems like the young girl has bounced back well, as she was not only in attendance at the Astros' World Series parade, but made a sign for the shortstop: spoke to Scarlett's aunt, Tina, about the video:

"She fell in love with him ever since she went to her first game earlier this year. She's just really excited that Carlos has responded to her video."

That's honestly a better end to 99 percent of love stories.