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This young Yankee fan is definitely not happy

Going to a baseball game is supposed to be fun. In theory, hot dogs, ice cream in those miniature helmets, the out-of-doors and the camaraderie all blend to make it a meditative and relaxing event.

Unless you're a little kid, and you've had quite enough of people standing around and throwing balls.

Saturday's game against the Blue Jays went to extra innings, and this Yankee fan was clearly not pleased. It's entirely possible that she was just tired from a long time sitting in a plastic chair, but her brother (and Joba Chamberlain lookalike) doesn't seem to be very unhappy.

Here's another theory: she's probably only old enough to have seen the Yankees win one World Series. For Yankee fans, that's pretty darn unacceptable.

New York went on to win in the 11th inning, so hopefully that cheered her up a bit.

-- Dakota Gardner /

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